1. Subjects– Authors are requested to send only following type of original articles on science, engineering/technology and management subject-Research Papers, Reviews, Technical Reports, Research Findings & Analysis,Perspectives, Progress Articles and Might Articles.

 2. Plagiarism– Authors are requested to send their original work with a conclusive result. Wenormally permit not more than 25% plagiarism.

 3. General Format - Page Layout and Margins: Standard A4 (210mm x 297mm)portrait page set-up should be used. Margins should be 1.78cm at left and rightwith top and bottom margin set to 2.54cm. Do not use any headers, footers orfootnotes. No page numbers. All main text paragraphs, including the abstract,must be fully (left and right) justified. All text, including title, authors,headings, captions and body, will be in Times New Roman Font. Paper text mustbe in two columns of 89 cm width each, with 0.51 cm spacing between thecolumns, font Size: 10 Line spacing 1.5.

 4. Title- TimeNew Roman Font 14, bold, centered first alphabet capital.