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Reinventing the Role of Entrepreneurship on Economic Development and Social Transformation | Original Article

Samar Deb*, Ranabijoy Das, in Shodhaytan | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Entrepreneurship is a creative discipline having innovative scope for developing economy of a nation. It assures human empowerment and secures life with all-round development activities. It acts as the soul of socio-economic activities as architectural foundation for nation building, human progress and social transformation in all-comprehensive manner to solve the problems of human deprivation, social marginalization and regional disparities. So, the study seeks to analyze all such objectives for increasing opportunities and act as the rejoinder to strengthen potential value of human life bringing possibilities with respect to holistic growth, sustainable development and dynamic social rolling in forward moving tendencies. Reinventing role of entrepreneurship laudably discusses issues pertaining to the picture of civil society norms for economic development and social transformation. Hence, the study provides relevant findings, appropriate suggestions and judicious recommendations in ‘path-goal’ relativity approach. At the end, conclusion will be provided to make the study relevant to policymakers, administrators, researchers, social architect, academicians and others for building the foundation of civil society to the existential autonomy of life with value added norms of human living pursuits for better future, healthy living and potential development.