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Geotechnical Aspects of Buildings on Expansive Soils | Original Article

Tapas Dasgupta*, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


The geotechnical behaviour of expansive clay soils is investigated by looking into the geomorphologic, geological and climatic conditions and mineralogical composition of the soils in the study area. The geotechnical results are linked with the performance of the foundation as well as structures. Since swell potential and swell pressure are key properties of expansive soils, the swell parameters were measured by free swell tests and one-dimensional oedometer swell tests respectively. Physical conditions of the surveyed properties in the area confirmed the hypothesis of building damages due to poor building materials triggered by expansive soils. In support of the obtained data, the actual behaviour of the foundations is supplemented with prototypes of strip foundations whose performances are to be monitored over a long period. Finally, suggested are the ways forward to solve the problem of foundation on expansive soil.