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Fuzzy Logic and Energy based Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks | Original Article

Pushpender Sarao*, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) is an emerging trend in wireless communication more flexible, reliable and effective than the other competitive wireless technologies. In this paper, I present a generalized fuzzy logic and cluster based architecture based scheme for energy aware routing in wireless mesh networks. Here, I have considered a cluster-based architecture for WMN, where a group of nodes is managed by a gateway. To determine the value of cost for a link between two mesh nodes, a fuzzy logic approach has been used. Six input variables are applied to find out the one output variable cost in our proposed fuzzy rule system. In recent years, many approaches and techniques have been explored for the optimization of energy usage in wireless mesh networks. In this paper a novel routing scheme for 802.11 based wireless mesh networks called Energy aware Routing Scheme (ERS) has been proposed. The design objective of ERS is to minimize the overall energy consumption in the mesh network. Routing is one of these areas in which attempts for efficient utilization of energy have been made. In this paper, A generalized fuzzy logic based approach for energy-aware routing in wireless mesh networks is about presented. The proposed approach is thoroughly evaluated and shown to outperform previous approaches very substantially in terms of energy consumption.