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Breaking the Boundaries: Increasing Demands of digital Technologies & IT for Teaching and Learning English Language | Original Article

Tripti Sahu*, Monica Singh, Smita Raj Jain, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


Technology has a transformative power and Language is a powerful means of communication. It is the vital component in education by which we acquire all kinds of knowledge. The interconnectedness of digital technologies has created new contexts for language learning and new labels have emerged for teaching and learning in the digital context: Computer Assisted Learning; Web-based Learning; Online Learning; Distance Learning; E-Learning; MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) Mobile Learning etc. As a result of the application of cyber technologies, both teaching and learning are facilitated, Students learn faster and easier than before. Internet, ICT, VLE, digital media and software as such have heralded a new era in many aspects of our lives, to which education is no exception. The rapid rising and development of information technology has offered a better pattern to explore the new teaching and learning ways. Learning English through the web and using new trends in education make students willing to learn effectively. This paper focuses on the role of digital technology and IT for teaching and learning English language effectively and internet communication tools in use.