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Wearable Electro-Textile Microstrip Patch Antenna with Tuning Holes | Original Article

Syed Uvaid Ullah*, R. K. Baghel, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


We investigate the possibilities and properties of the applications of wearable electro-textile antenna by using of Minkowski fractal geometry with tuning holes for the miniaturization of Microstrip patch antenna and compare its performance with those of the usual fractals such as Minkowski fractal geometry without tuning holes. As a result the antenna Miniaturization, maintenance of its gain and increase of its relative frequency bandwidth are achieved Antenna are designs for WLAN application Antenna structure is designed at a height 2.85mm from the ground plane by using Computer Simulation Technology (CST) software. The operating frequency of the design antenna is 2.45 GHz. Antenna simulation results are carried out over the frequency range of 1 GHz to 6 GHz for Flectron antenna under investigation. The simulation result reveal that the Flectron wearable antenna operating frequency of 2.538GHz, 2.395GHz, 2.351GHz and 2.340Ghz for zeroth,1st ,2nd and proposed iteration respectively. Corresponding -10dB return loss bandwidths are 115MHz, 109MHz, 104MHz and 82 MHz respectively. This involve that antenna operating frequency has been reduced considerably with each successive iteration without changing the overall antenna dimensions and thereby miniaturization is achieved. In its first and second iteration antenna designed are optimize and tuned to WIPRO band and in the proposed tuning hole iteration antenna are further miniaturized and can use for multiband frequency in order to make them suitable for GSM 1900 application.