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Performance Enhancement in a Cognitive Radio under a High Probability of Detection Constraint | Original Article

Papiya Dutta*, G. C. Manna, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


Cognitive radio is a new promising technology that aims to improve the spectrum scarcity problem in wireless communications by allowing use of unlicensed (secondary) users to frequency bands that are provided to licensed (primary) users, in a way which does not affect the quality of service (0oS) of the licensed networks [1], [2].In this paper we propose to improve the sensing-throughput tradeoff in OSA cognitive radio networks by performing spectrum sensing and data transmission at the same time. We also compare the average achievable throughput of the proposed cognitive radio system with the respective throughput of the conventional opportunistic spectrum access cognitive radio system in [12]. Finally it is shown that the proposed cognitive radio system exhibits improved throughput under a single high target detection probability constraint imposed for the protection of the primacy users.