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Smart Grids and Other Measures of Renewable Energy Integration – A Status Review | Original Article

Prashant Kumar Chaturvedi*, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


The aim of this literature review is to give an overview of recent research works and developments in the area of Renewable Energy Integration. The research papers of last 4 years spanning from 2013 to 2016 have been reviewed. The basics of electrical engineering have not changed much over years. For example, most of the power generation is based on revolving turbines. The turbines may be steam, hydro, wind or any other. Even the solar photo-voltaic power generation is based on photo electric effect discovered by German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz in 1887. Due to climate change issues, renewable sources of energy are gaining importance. Energy efficiency is another area of research work and concepts like green building are evolving. Grid is getting smarter day by day. It can gradually address issues like integration of renewable. Even Grid scale storage systems are thought of. Wireless Transmission of electricity is also researched. The papers which have been reviewed, deal with smart grid and some of them find smart grid useful for Renewable energy (RE) integration. There are other research papers dealing with grid scale energy storage system. Considering the research work in the past and the limitations of such studies, likely future scope has been discussed. For research work, capacity addition of renewable energy sources in Madhya Pradesh is examined in brief based on the projections made by the Government and also the regulatory requirements towards Renewable Power Obligation (RPO). Various features of Renewable energy like uncertainty, volatility of availability of energy, intermittent nature, reactive power requirement, problems of forecasting, 'must run' status in merit order dispatch and impact on conventional plants are involved in respect of further capacity addition of renewable in Madhya Pradesh.