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Trust Based Routing Approach to Enhance Received Data Packets by Various Nodes in MANET | Original Article

Vijay Kumar Singh*, Piyush Kumar Shukla, Sachin Goyal, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


In this paper, Trust prediction has been used for checking the trustworthiness of the nodes present in the network Trust prediction .finds the best route for the routing that is free from malicious nodes. DTQR (Distributed Trust based QoS aware routing) is based on AODV (Ad-Hoc on Demand Routing) protocol. We compare the DTOR (Distributed Trust based QoS aware Routing) algorithm with TQR (Trust based OoS aware AODV routing) and Watchdog-DSR. The Simulation results show that the DTQR prevents an attack from malicious nodes and the security performance, the packet delivery ratio has been improved.