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Studies on Algal Biodiversity of Tapti River in Burhanpur District of Madhya Pradesh, India | Original Article

Iftekhar A. Siddiqui*, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


The present investigation was undertaken with a view to study algal biodiversity of Tapti River in Burhanpur District of Madhya Pradesh, India. The research Work was performed during June 2015 to May 2017, Altogether 26 genera were indentified and recorded from different 10 sites of Tapti River during the two year period of investigation of these 13 genera belonged to chlorophyceae 06 genera belonged to Becillariophyceae, 04 genera belonged to Cyanophyceae, 02 genera belonged to charophyceae and ol genera belonged to Euglenophyceae. The members of chlorophyceae were dominant followed by becillariophyceae, charophyceae and euglenophyceae. Diversity of algae in terms quantity and quality were observed at all selected sites of Tapti River. Unicellular, colonial and filamentous algal forms were reported throughout the period of investigation. The algal gehera whose species recorded at all sites of study area were sjzivogyra, zygnemo cosmarium, Nit3 sehia, Euglena, Chlorococcus, oscillatoria and Phormidium (see table 1 table2 Plate 1,2,3A, 3B)