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Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor | Original Article

Divya Rai*, S. R. Nigam, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


In the industrialized countries, three phase induction motors have wide applications due to robustness, low maintenance, low cost, reliability and simple construction. The speed control of motor is required to obtain maximum torque and improved performance. This paper deals with the theory and simulation of a rule based fuzzy logic controller applied to induction motor model in closed loop to control its speed efficiently in a simple way. The control systems using artificial intelligence technique are the smart and intelligent control systems. Induction motor has non-linear features, so conventional control methods cannot ensure good performance, hence knowledge based fuzzy logic controllers are used which works efficiently and does not require accurate mathematical model. Fuzzy logic is the convenient way to incorporate the knowledge of human experts in to the systems. The fuzzy logic controller depends on a set of simple linguistic if-then rules. The scalar control strategy based on simplified voltsHertz control scheme with stator frequency regulation is implemented where the slip value is the variable to be regulated to provide the required frequency signal for speed control. This paper presents Mamdani type FLC applied to induction motor control and its simulation results. Various toolboxes in Matlab are used for testing the simulated design to analyze the performance.