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Individual and Household Characteristics of Rural Youth towards Agriculture as Their Career: A Case of Hadoti Region in Rajasthan | Original Article

Geeta Gupta*, Mrityunjay Nagar, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


Agriculture is undoubtedly the largest livelihood provider currently in India. In the rural areas it in main source of livelihood Indian’s population which is predominantly rural has more than 70 employed in agriculture and a national demographic survey shows that the majority of Indian’s population is young with the youth and adolescent population alone accounting for around 40.6 the total population in 2015. Youths are now the power for the growth. The overall development of any country depends mostly on their regimented, active and skilled youth. The young people normally show no desire to be farmers or to be employed in farming after receiving vocational training. A very large number of youths fee that farming is a symbol of poverty and backwardness. The broad objective of this study is to understand individual and household characteristics of rural youth towards agriculture as prospective career, with special reference to rural youth of Hadoti region in Rajasthan.