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An Extensive Review of Webs Caching Techniques to Reduce Cache Pollution | Original Article

Jitendra Singh Kushwah*, Sitendra Tamrakar, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


Caching has been used for decades as an effective performance enhancing technique in computer systems. The Least Recently Used (LRU) cache replacement algorithm is a simple and widely used scheme. Proxy caching is a common approach to reduce network traffic and delay in many World Wide Web (WWW) applications. However, some characteristics of WWW workloads make LRU less attractive in proxy caching. In the recent years, several more efficient replacement algorithms have been suggested. But, these advanced algorithms require a lot of knowledge about the workloads and are generally difficult to implement. The main attraction of LRU is its simplicity. In this paper we study several techniques about page replacement, cache pollution and web caching technique at the end of this paper we propose a new idea of web page scheduling.