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Detection Black Hole and Sybil Attack in GPCR-MA VANET based on Road Network | Original Article

Naziya Hussain*, Priti Maheshwary, Piyush Kumar Shukla, Anoop Singh, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


Vehicles can be directly communicated with each other if this Vehiclescomes in transmission range the sender vehicles which send packets to the receiver’s vehicle.We focused on enhancedand modified Vanet protocol Greedy Perimeter Coordinator Routing with mobility awareness (GPCR-MA) and presented the security for Blackhole and Sybil Attacks in the GPCR-MA. The solutions of blackhole and Sybil attack are verified with the help of implementation and simulation using network simulator (NS-2.35). Our investigation demonstrates the comparison between GPCR-MA, blackhole GPCR-MA (BH-GPCR-MA) and Sybil GPCR-MA (Sybil-GPCR-MA) attack in the network. This comparison carried between the simulation time and number of nodes established on QOS parameter presentation of network delay, Delivery Ratio (PDR), Average throughput and energy consumption. The packet deliver ratio performances are decreased in BH-GPCR-MA and Sybil-GPCR-MA with respect to rapidly change network state and network density of the network. The simulation results show that GPCR-MA is better than BH-GPCR-MA and Sybil-GPCR-MA.