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Low Cost Maintenance Strategy for Road by Spraying Emulsion and Sprinkling Sand – A Case Study | Original Article

Ghanshyam Patel*, Rajiv Khatri, Shalini Yadav, Awanti Lodhi, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


Road network created in our country has resulted in increased social and economic benefits all around. However, these benefits would be reduced due to poor maintenance of these created assets. Thus, in order to reap the benefits of created assets it is essential to maintain the Road network in India. This study highlights some basic issues for low cost maintenance of roads. This Study is of the Road where Semi Dense Bituminous Concrete (SDBC) ,Mix Seal Surface(MSS), Seal Coat (SC) is done and when road have hungry surface there is no need of Black topping the Surface one can only Spray the Emulsion and Sprinkle Sand and leave it to traffic which increases, the life of Road. It is expected that the finding of this study will be useful to preserve the benefits of huge rural road assets created recently in India includingNagar Nigam Roads and Colony’s roads.