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Reliable Algorithm for Enhancing QoS in Privacy Preserved Mobile Social Cloud Computing using CAN | Original Article

Kiran Patidar*, Priti Maheshwari, Piyush Kuamr Shukla, Anand Motwani, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


The Mobile Social Cloud Computing (MSCC) paradigm is evolved keeping mobility in mind. MSCC essentially includes several user requirements including Quality of Service (QoS), which is largely affected by faults and malicious behaviour of mobile nodes. QoS is a necessary metric to evaluate the quality of MSCC. Depending on the research areas, different researchers defined QoS in different ways. Most of the schemes are proposed against random faulty clouds and works well, but these do not protect from malicious nodes present in MSCC. In MSCC, malicious users are those who take cloud services from other devices and avoid providing services to others due to one or the other reason. This paper outlines major technical challenges (problems) in MSCC and the opportunities that can be realized to overcome the challenges. The survey of related literature is also presented. Furthermore, the work proposes a Reliable Algorithm to enhance privacy and Quality of Service (QoS) in MSCC. The proposed work utilized Content Addressable Network (CAN) to give logical structure to MSCC network. The proposed algorithm is implemented in CloudSim, a renowned simulation tool. The results are evaluated on basis of QoS parameters Execution Time and Finish Time. The experimental results are analyzed to demonstrate the efficacy of algorithm in both cases SNS without CAN and SNS in presence of malicious environment.