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Groundwater-Surface water Modeling: A Critical Review | Original Article

Shikha Saxena*, Rajeev K. Bansal, Basant Singh, Chhaya K. Lande, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


Surface water-Groundwater interaction is a complex process. Mathematical modelling is the emerging technique to understand the water head variation in the aquifer, flow of groundwater, recharge effect. This paper gives the critical review of this process. Many researchers developed mathematical model which simulates the flow of groundwater under different hydrological conditions. In this papers step by step overview of these models is presented. In addition to this the effect of research and discharge processes is also comprehensibly outlined. The different methods for solving the partial differential equation are also pointed out. This article provides the overview of almost all mathematical models developed in this era. This overview concludes with a discussion of research needs and challenges facing this evolving field.