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An Experimental Analysis: Thermal Performance of Underground Heat Exchanger System for Enhancing Comfort by Cooling & Heating During Winter & Summer Season | Original Article

Manoj Kumar Sharma*, Gohil Priyank Purushotambhai, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


Cooling the outdoor air through buried pipes by means of earth-air heat exchanger (EATHE) has been recognized from last 10 years have the capability for enhancing comfort of building and in the mean time decreasing demand of energy. This is due to one of the important thermal property of earth is that at the depth of about 1.5m to 2m, the temperature of ground remains almost similar all round the year. The temperature of earth interior remains higher than the surface temperature of earth in winter season and vice versa in summer. When atmospheric air is passed through buried pipe it comes in contact with soil temperature hence comes out from EATHE system having the temperature of soil is always constant. The conditioned air is allowed to enter into the room through outlet piping and duct system.