AU Journals Ethics Policy | Ethics and Malpractice Policy

AISECT University Journals

Ethics Policy

  1. Editors may seek advice on submittedpaper on ethical and security issue not only from the technical reviewer butalso from relevant expert.
  2. Occasionally editor may find ethical issues or issues about data or materials which raise concern. In such cases the issue will be resolved before paper accepted for publication.
  3. Ifconcern are related to implication to the society or individual, in such casesadvise will be obtained from more than one reviewer and if needed from anExpert.
  4. If the article has any threat to security of an organisation, state or nation we may sought advice of concerned expert before publication.   
  5. AU Journals will be published to promote the culture of meaningful research among students,scholars, faculty members, researchers, scientists and industry people.
  6. Publishers,editors, contributors, subscribers and people related to the publication will work for improving quality of research work in Science Technology and Management subjects.
  7. Editors Advisors and Reviewers will be top professionals in their own field who have taken up the assignment to contribute for quality research publication.
  8.  The publishers put the integrity of authors,reviewers and editors on very high pedestal and believe that their commitment to produce original research work in AU Journals is genuine.
  9. No body in the publishing team will be paid any remuneration nor will they demand any charge from the authors.
  10.   Articles published in AU Journals will be subjected to rigorous plagiarism checks before publication and no cut-paste will be permitted.
  11.  Reviewers will apply themselves to review articles sent to them and ensure the quality in format and content.
  12.  Authors will be black listed if he/she sends any articles which are not his/her own work and picked up/copied from somewhere.
  13.  Publishers believe strongly on helping authors in improving their paper writing.
  14.  Publishers will give top honours to innovation and social empowerment in research work.
  15. Publishers have genuine faith on inclusive growth of the society through meaningful research by all sections of the higher education and industry/corporate and want to honestly promote it.