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Evaluation of Aspiring Entrepreneurs – A Holistic Model for Incubator Managers and Angel Investors | Original Article

Chivukula Venkata Ramana*, A. Jaganmohan Reddy, in Shodhaytan | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Business Incubators is one of the topics in entrepreneurship that has attracted the attention of researchers since the last three few decades. Although the topic of Business Incubators is well explored, there is a research gap in the area of assessment of entrepreneurs by incubator managers and angel investors. The present study attempts to fill that gap by developing a model and instruments to make an assessment of aspiring entrepreneurs. The present study is conceptual in nature and uses primary and secondary data for exploring the assessment of entrepreneurs. The focus on analysis was on what factors matter for selection of aspiring entrepreneurs and identify. Personal Interviews were carried out with thirty angel investors in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh asking them as to how they would make an assessment of aspiring entrepreneurs who would approach them for funding. The present study focused on developing a holistic model that would focus both on individual and business level. The study makes contribution in three dimensions namely Scholarly, Business and Social. There are three major limitations for the stud. First, the study does not suggest methods to cross check the self- reported scores on the instruments. Second, the RCPGI Model is not empirical tested. Third, the RCPGI model works well only with start-ups operated by teams. The present study offers scope for further research and provides directions for future research.