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A Study on the Entrepreneurial Mindset of the Generation Z | Original Article

Tanu Narang*, Richa Agarwal, Payal Agrawal, in Shodhaytan | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


This paper aims to investigate the mindset essential to entrepreneurial success of the young students towards entrepreneurship, who are yet to enter the field of work (Generation Z). Generation Z are those born between 1996 to 2000 (Mark Sniderman, 2018). The factors associated with the entrepreneurial mindset are inclination to take risks, venturing into new fields, innovation creativity. In this paper an empirical study has been done wherein a survey was conducted on 148 students who are pursuing their graduationpost-graduation degrees in various fields (Management, Hospitality, Law, Design, Information Technology, Family Managed Business, Liberal Arts and Journalism) to test how the demographic profiles play a vital role in affecting the factors like willingness towards taking risk, innovation, working out of their comfort zone, facing challenging situations and uncertainty, few of the key factors associated with entrepreneurship. This study contributes to the body of the literature of entrepreneurial mindset with insights that there is relationship between the demographics of the students, their cultural background and their mindset towards entrepreneurship. The tests used to identify the relationship are One-way ANOVA test, Chi-Square and Cross-Tabulations.