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Studies of Nano-Crystals at High Pressures – A Brief Guideline | Original Article

F. J. Manjon, J. A. Sans, A. L. J. Pereira, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


Nanoparticles are known to have distinct properties than their bulk counterparts. Besides, metastable or even amorphous phases of bulk materials with new properties can be synthesized in nanosize form. Both the understanding of nanomaterials properties and the synthesis of new phases of nanomaterials can be undertaken with the help of the application of static high pressures. High pressure techniques allow a precise control of interatomic distances in materials which is an invaluable way to investigate many fundamental and unique properties of nanoparticles. Furthermore, studies of nanocrystals at high pressures can lead to the synthesis of new nanomaterials since many high-pressure phases of bulk materials can be metastably recovered at ambient conditions after a high-pressure treatment of nanomaterials. In this work, we will review some of the capabilities of high pressure studies to understand nanoparticle properties and to create new nanomaterials by providing some examples. We will also present some of the most recent advances in the study of nanomaterials at high pressures.