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Electrochemical Trace Analysis of Valuable Metals in Hematite Ore Samples | Original Article

Manju Rathore*, Jyotsna Mishra, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


Hematite is a main source of iron. Many other metals are also associated with it in different micro and trace level. Polarographic methods i. e. DCP and DPP have been successfully used for simultaneous determination of some metals viz. Au(I) ,Bi(II) ,Pb(II) ,U(VI),Co(II) ,Ni(II) ,Zn(II) ,Mn(II) ,Fe(III) Cr(III). Ammonium Tartrate solution was used as supporting electrolyte and gelatin was used as maximum suppressor at pH 9.0. The method of standard addition was applied for quantitative analysis. Spiked samples were also made and analyzed in same conditions for statistical approach. The obtained polarographic results were compared with those obtained using Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS). The observed results clearly speaks of the superiority of Polarographic methods.