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Design of an Efficient Middle Access Point (MAP) in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) | Original Article

R. Vijayarangan*, K. A. Parthasarathy, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


The idea of implementing Middle access point in the Wireless Sensor Networks has been examined. The information from the sensor nodes are collected by the access points that are transferred to the sink node. In chain based structure model, each sensor in the coverage area sends information to the neighboring node by forming the chain. The main disadvantage in chain structure network is latency. In order to overcome this latency, both chain and cluster by forming group has been implement. Information from each sensor is transferred to the head sensor in the form of chain. Information from the group head sensor is sent to the access point which is centralized to all the groups. Access point means a sensor with high potential i.e., high battery. It receives data from all the group heads. On comparing to the earlier models, this approach proposes the smallest latency while transferring information from sensor to the drop node.