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Software Engineering Research: Understanding SE Paradigms and Methods | Original Article

R. P. Shrivastava*, Khalida Kamaal, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


There is a broad use of the term “paradigm” in Software Engineering. Concepts such as Structured paradigm, Cascade paradigm or Agent-oriented paradigm are very frequent in SE research proposals. The functional and scientific paradigm in SE is about the functional or engineering paradigm rather than scientific paradigm. Four possible perspectives and, in this context, the scientific perspective is intrinsic and hence very difficult to properly identify and describe. A discussion about the scientific paradigm in SE could help us to evaluate and improve the research practice in SE. A Programming Paradigm is simply a fundamental style of computer programming. It is like the blue print of a construction site. A programming paradigm provides some very basic concepts and patterns which various designers of programming languages adopt and implement.