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A Low Gate Count UWB Transmitter Circuit | Original Article

Shikha Rana*, Anshul Soni, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


To satisfy the different radiated power requirements for the ultra-wideband (UWB) data transmitting in the implantable electronic devices or the wireless component inter connections, a novel low-power high- speed UWB transmitter with radiated power tuning was proposed. The tunable radiated power is achieved by a UWB RF buffer with a peak value controller. The designed low-complex narrow pulse generator and digital ring on–off VCO ensure a high speed transmitting. The low power is realized by using a sub tractor to eliminate the base-band component from the output of the VCO and making the UWB RF buffer and the VCO operating in standby mode. The design was fabricated by a standard 0.12 μm CMOS technology. The count gates are 34 instead of 45 to the previous work, simulate frequency bandwidth from 5 to 13 GHz and 1.104Mw power consume by circuit area of 0.12mm2.