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Neurodesign; An Art of Product Packaging: Understanding Customer’s Psychology of Colour with the help of Neuromarketing – A Review Paper | Original Article

Harit Kumar*, Neha Mathur, Sangeeta Jauhari, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


This paper presents the concept of colour psychology in packaging including those methods used for studying consumer's brain activity. The paper focuses mainly on the role of neuromarketing in product packaging. It attempts to highlight the ways in which neuromarketing can be used by research organizations with reference to colour psychology in packaging. Neuromarketing is that area of marketing that studies the clients and investigate the emotional response to marketing stimulus. Neuromarketing is a superlative method for understanding marketing stimuli, since all business communication is eventually judged in the consumer's brain. This is also the case for product packaging. A new part of this marketing is the color psychology, which is on the whole how colors are used to persuade your mind. In fact some research studies have proved that humans have key response to non-verbal communication and product package designers, marketers, and graphic and industrial designers can find out a lot from neurodesign. Neurodesign focuses how and why our brains are fascinated to some colours more than others, and why do we recognize some features as naturally more aesthetically grading than others.