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Power Controlled Grid Linked Inverter Using Phase Shifting Technique | Original Article

Sudha Bhutada*, S. R. Nigam, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


In the grid connected photovoltaic system Inverter the essential criteria is the power control both active and reactive required before it is injected into the grid. In this paper a control strategy microcontroller based grid linked PWM inverter has been designed the strategy is made on the basis of shifting of inverter output voltage with respect to grid. The controlled strategy is done using Simulink blocks, Auction block, counter, and by generating PWM pulses for synchronization with the grid. The proposed model for single phase PWA/I inverter grid linked has been simulated using Mat lab/ Simulink. The model can be applied for 50/60 Hz frequency. The Inverter model proposed is an easy solution for low power grid linked inverter applications.