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Optimization and Implementation of Solar PV System to Using Boost Inverter with MPP Tracking for Electrification | Original Article

Bikash Chandra Saha*, S. R. Awasthi, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


In 21 century, the utilization of renewable sources of energy has been increased rapidly. Nowadays, Solar energy is emerged as a vital renewable or non-conventional energy sources. The main advantages associated with the Solar energy is it’s clean, pollution free and in exhaustible nature. This Paper involves integration of Solar panel to an array of three 24V batteries via boost converter. Boost converter maintains the desired potential of 72V (24V each battery) for charging from solar panel. The output of battery was further boosted using simple boost circuitry to 230V and converted to 230 V AC supplies of 50Hz using PWM VSI inverter. Boost inverter consisted of simple boost circuitry and a PWM VSI inverter. Other inverter configuration was also tried out to get better waveforms such as multistep inverter and for 3 phase applications 3 –phase VSI. In this paper solar Photovoltaic panel (SPV), Boost transformer used to step up DC-DC with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). The hole system to be optimized to increase the efficiency. Finally, most economical solution of boost inverter is in favour with PWM VSI. It is suggested for lesser economical expense and satisfactory performance for domestic electrification. Best result was obtained in case of multistep inverter configuration having Low THD.