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Effect of Dredging on Intertidal Meiofauna Distribution of Tapi River | Original Article

Aashi Dixit*, in Anusandhan | Technology & Management


Human Interference in the form of dredging in the estuary is a harmful activity which ultimately affects distribution of benthic community which may be caused due to change in sediment composition, unstable nutrient composition, lower dissolved oxygen levels, release of toxic substance during the process, and increased turbidity. Estuaries are the intermediate water body with extreme alteration in the composition of water and nearby soil properties due to influx of marine water during tides. Both by human interference as well as by natural commotion, this paper concludes the impact of such physical agitation on macro-faunal communities as well as physicochemical properties of water and sediment composition. Marine beds are very much in demand to get explored by dredging. The aim of present work was to provide a comprehensive study about the extent to which benthic community and prevailing ecosystem has been disturbed by the interference and an insight about recovery of the benthic population disturbed. The assessment has been done by comparing two sites which were subjected to dredging with one undisturbed reference sites. Most of the analyses suggested that sediment composition and lowered nutrient levels are the main constraints affecting the distribution of benthic community.